Are you the best at what you do? 

If you are currently underwhlemed with the hospital, clinic or health care service provider you are working for, please consider coming to work with us! We offer a safe, organized and professional results driven work environment. If you enjoy having a great time while working to achieve common goals and work through challenges, we may be the place for you! We offer fair compensation, great hours and a solid beneftis package for our employees. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you! 

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System 

The Southern Tennessee Medical Group is owned and operated by Southern Tennessee Regional Health System (STRHS). We are a group of specialty practices, urgent care clinics, primary care doctors, clinicians and administrators all working to fulfill our common mission: Making Communities Healthier.

LifePoint Health

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System is a part of the LifePoint Health network of health care facilites. LifePoint Health owns and operates hospitals and health care providers all over the country. To learn more about LifePoint Health, please click on their logo to visit their website. 

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