Lynchburg Medical Center

Lynchburg Medical Center 


Opened in 2017, the Lynchburg Medical Center is quickly becoming the "go to" health care provider in Moore county. We offer a full line of services focused on the individual and family centric health care. We offer urgent care, welcome walk-ins and provide an occupational medicine program to the industries in our area. 

In our offices, we have a full service lab for quick testing and fast results and we provide digital imaging from our own Xray equipment. We strive to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in one easy to navigate location. 

Common symptoms we treat: fever, flu, common colds, H1N1 virus, back pain, headaches, migranes, stomach pain, gas, trouble sleeping, runny nose, ear aches, inflimation, swelling, skin irritation, vomiting, nasuea, sleeplessness, leg pain and much more. 


Lynchburg Medical Center

491 Majors Boulevard

 Lynchburg, Tennessee 37352


(O) 931.759.4727

(F) 931.759.4727


Extended Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sunday  1pm - 5pm

Lynchburg Medical Center